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Enhance the decor of any space with a Wooden Flooring carpet. From contemporary to hand-scraped rustic, it compliments every theme and gives it a luxurious touch. Along with a perfect combination of durability, aesthetic designs, and uniqueness, the Wooden Flooring texture adds warmth, comfort, and beauty to the place.

Wooden flooring is one of the most popular choices among homeowners who wish to add warmth and elegance to their homes. Wooden floors are available in different designs and styles which makes them more attractive than other materials such as ceramic tiles or stone. They are also very durable and long-lasting. We are one of the best Wooden flooring installation company in Bangalore, wooden floors come in a variety of benefits including durability, ease of maintenance, and attractive appearance.

If you are searching for the best deals on wooden flooring in Bangalore, or the cost of wooden flooring per square foot in Bangalore you might come across a variety of numbers, to know the exact amount according to your needs contact Qovota Bangalore's flooring company.

Popular Wooden Flooring Types

  • Laminate flooring: It is made of a particleboard wood base with a photographic image of wood under a protective overlay. It is perfect for living rooms, studies, and playrooms.

  • Engineered wood flooring: It has three or four layers of wood glued together and can be easily refinished. It is the best fit for Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

  • Solid wood flooring: It is made from a single piece of wood and can be easily refinished. It adds an elegant touch to hallways and living areas.

  • Parquet flooring: It is made of short wooden blocks or strips arranged into various geometric patterns. It works well in most rooms except bathrooms.

  • Bamboo flooring: It is created with real bamboo and forms its unique grain patterns. It works well in most rooms except bathrooms.

  • Cork flooring: It is created with the bark of the cork oak tree and is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. It can be a great choice for children's bedrooms or playrooms.

Advantages Of Wooden Flooring Tiles

  1. Low Maintenance & Easy To Clean
  2. Strong & Durable
  3. Better Air Quality
  4. Looks Good With Every Decor Theme
  5. Long-Lasting & Cost-Effective
  6. Fade Resistant
  7. Can Be Refinished

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Wooden Flooring

Laminate floors, a hybrid flooring option, are a popular alternative to hardwood flooring. They are made from high-density fiberboard and consist of four layers: wear layer, image layer, backing, and core layer. These four layers are fused using the direct-pressure laminate (DPL) construction method at high heat.

Laminate wooden flooring can be used in any room, but it is better to find an alternative option for rooms where the floor can get easily wet or if excess moisture is present. Water can easily damage the laminate wooden flooring, and the floor can also get slippery when wet, so laminate wooden flooring is not a good option for bathrooms and kitchens.

Hardwood flooring is completely manufactured from real wood, but Laminate flooring is made of a fiberboard topped with multiple layers to give it a smooth finish. In addition, a photographic image of wood is laminated into the laminate flooring to give it a look of hardwood flooring.

As long as the existing tile flooring is intact and in good shape, you can install your laminate flooring over them. However, if there are loose tiles or cracks in the existing tile flooring, your installation of the laminate flooring can fail.

Traditionally, the floor was usually glued, nailed, or stapled onto the subfloor, but a floating floor is not attached to the subfloor using any of these methods. It is connected like a puzzle.

A laminate flooring can start from 6mm in thickness and go up to 15mm in thickness. You can choose the desired thickness of the floor depending on the subfloor and other requirements such as noise cancellation before installing your laminate flooring.

It is quite easy to clean laminate wooden floors, and sweeping with a dry brush or vacuuming with a hard-surface attachment can do the trick. If it is necessary, you can also slightly mop the floors using a damp mop or sponge.

Laminate flooring is popular compared to solid hardwood flooring because it is scratch-resistant and easy to clean and install. Laminate flooring is also much cheaper compared to solid hardwood flooring.

A laminate flooring AC rating measures the rate at which laminate flooring is likely to wear and its resistance to impact. The rating can range from AC1 to AC6, with AC1 suitable for residential purposes and AC6 ideal for industrial purposes.

Depending on the service provider, laminate flooring can have a warranty period spanning several years, and some companies even offer a lifetime warranty period. Usually, laminate flooring lasts an average of 15 to 25 years or even longer.



We are the leading wooden flooring dealers in bangalore, wooden flooring tiles rate, wooden flooring dealers near me